The Gardening  

The Gardening is the annual Greek computer gathering held in Patras. It is organized by ourselves and sometime, it was actually the only computer party taking place in Greece. The reason why we called it that way is a long story...

Gardening '95
The Gardening '95

It happened between 28 and 30 of April, and despite of having little attendance it was pretty cool. There was a demo competition with four Greek contestants, A.S.D., Debris, ourselves (dEUS), and a partyplace collaboration of two coders, Jnk and Zeleps. A.S.D. were the winners with their 'Counter Factual' demo, Debris came second with an intro called 'Gamoto'. dEUS took the third place with an unfinished version of the Pink'n'Silly intro and finally Jnk and Zeleps came fourth with a routine they made at the party.

There was also a blood-sucking Doom competition on a 4 machine network which attracted 20 contestants. dEUS stormed the top by taking the first three places: fm, emc and gotcha. All this happened in a former bank building with a powerful sound system and a big screen. Several demos were shown as well as sci-fi and thriller movies and of course, music, loud as hell. In other words: a great party. For more info and the competition results, you can read the party report (in Greek).

Gardening '96
Gardening '96

It took place during August 30th and September 1st and it was just great! With more than 80 attendants, most of which were demo sceners and four (4) competitions: Demo compo with seven contributions, Music compo with 13 tracks, Doom compo with a total of 48 players and Wild demo compo with ten contributions. If you want more information about Gardening '96 you can check this party report.

Gardening '97
Gardening '97

The third stage of Gardening was between 29 and 31 of August '97. Again, there were four competitions for demo making, tracked music, wild demo and animation. The music compo had a total of 23 contestants. All other competitions had four submissions each. You can get more information at the official Gardening '97 site, located here.

There have been no Gardening parties after 1997. Guess what. We got tired. Interest was low, so was morale. Bill Gates flooded the planet with Windows. The demoscene was suffering. We were devastated. But we are OK now and we move on. Others have picked up where we left off. Life goes on.

Last updated 09/08/2001.