booo!    Welcome to the dEUS demogroup homepage   Heee!

This is the official homepage of dEUS, the Greek demogroup. dEUS is about having fun, making demos and goofing around in general. If you don't know what demos are, you may visit this page and learn about them. You can also take a look at the links for more information. In these pages, you can basically find out who we are, download dEUS demos for your viewing pleasure, read a little dEUS history and learn about the Gardening parties. All in all, you can safely waste alot of precious time and bandwidth, like most Internet users are doing globaly every day...

In your delightful journey through our webspace, you will be accompanied by our beloved Kefales. You can see them beside the title right now. Kefales, apart from being the dEUS mascots from the very beginning, will provide you with pleasant commentary and remarks regarding what you see. Show them your love and appreciation!

We are ecology friendly. We only use energy-saving html in our pages, we recycle our colors and images since 1996 and only ask for a pityful 800x600 resolution from your browser. Our moms are proud of us.

(If you were looking for the Belgian rock group called dEUS, click here.)

Last updated 09/08/2001.