intel 8085 Emulator

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1 Apr 2013.

Version 1.00 source code is now released under the MIT license (open source).

Click here to download.

15 May 2010.

Version 1.00 released.

Click here to download the portable edition (unzip & run) or click here if you prefer a windows installer (998kb).  

Please note that the windows installer version requires administrator privileges when running under Vista or Windows 7 (configuration files are saved locally and these operating systems restrict writing inside the Program Files directory).

Changes: Fixed DAA instruction bug, fixed emulation of hidden operations, minor GUI fixes.

2 Jan 2001.

Version 1.00b released.

Click here to download (424kb).

Ok, this is the first beta version (and hopefully  the last one). Features: Correct resizing of splitters, second stack view, option to save emulator layout, monitor I/O device, and an easy to use installer.

26 Jul 2000.

Version 1.00a released.

Click here to download (275kb).

Major update: New debugger layout, more options, new features, many bugs fixed.

There are a few more things to implement (registers modification, device SDK, etc). However do not expect a new version before October. I am going to spend a few weeks on a beautiful island somewhere in Greece.

18 Jun 2000.

Version 0.99a released.

Click here to download (260kb). 

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